Results of the work

13 июля, 2022
Four months passed when: • the life and worldview of each of us changed in just one morning; • there was a need to do everything that depends on you to help Ukraine; • it was decided that we are ready to do it; • many people united in order to achieve victory sooner; • […]

Together to the victory! 

6 мая, 2022
  We continue taking care about our big and small pets. A car with humanitarian aid for the fund “Happy Paw” containing 3 tons of feed from the company “Purina Ukraine” for distribution among animals in Ukrainian shelters came to Lviv.  The feed which we received yesterday and last week were reloaded at our distribution […]

Help for animal shelters

4 мая, 2022
  There are those in every corner of Ukraine who need our help the most: our pets who went with their families or stayed at home or got new owners. They all need food and care.  The Happy Paw Charitable Foundation plans to supply 118 tons of humanitarian aid from Purina Purina Ukraine for distribution […]

Cooperation with NGO «Unique Planet»

2 мая, 2022
Thanks to the common goals and desires to help Ukraine we have signed a memorandum of cooperation together with the NGO «Unique Planet». As a result of interaction 2,5 tonnes of humanitarian aid including feed and medicines for animals were loaded in Lviv. Despite the difficulties of logistics volunteers unloaded the aid in Kyiv in […]

Humanitarian aid to Sieverodonetsk

25 апреля, 2022
  The NGO “Free Nation” has organized the delivery of two trucks with humanitarian aid to the city of Sieverodonetsk. Humanitarian aid, donated by the Lithuanian people, and organized by “Caritas Lithuania” in cooperation with the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania in the Luhansk region Robertas Gabulas, was transferred to the civil-military administration […]

We take care of our four-legged friends!

20 апреля, 2022
  The Free Nation NGO organized the delivery of 700 kg of feed from Switzerland to the Gostomel Animal Shelter. Now the four-legged ones are fed and safe. We take care of our four-legged friends!

Together for Victory!

19 апреля, 2022
Our partner fund — Charitable Foundation «Vostok — SOS» together with the Volunteer Group «Good Will» (Kyiv) sent 29 pallets of humanitarian aid to the capital city from Slovenia from the Truhoma Foundation. We, PA Free Nation, organized a search of truck and logistics support as well as transfer of humanitarian aid to the Volunteer […]

Humanitarian aid for Sumy

11 апреля, 2022
Let’s unite for victory! The Free Nation together with the Vostok-SOS Charitable Foundation has already sent humanitarian aid to Sumy directly from a warehouse in Zakarpattia. Necessary clothing, food, hygiene products, baby food and medicines provided assistance to the civilian population.  

Let’s defend our capital city together!

9 апреля, 2022
Let’s defend our capital city together! Ukrainian defenders from the Volunteer Unit # 11 of the Territorial Community of the City of Kyiv «TV» approached our Free Nation Ukraine Foundation. Without losing a minute, we have already started searching for the necessary equipment and ammunition for their protection and defense. Also, we will be grateful […]

Aid for Lubny community

8 апреля, 2022
Volunteers-heroes of the public organization «Free Nation» are always ready to help. Recently, humanitarian aid was delivered to the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine, which is intended to cover the needs of the Lubny community. We provided the necessary hygiene products, medicines, food, baby food and clothing, provided beds and bed linen. Now the […]