Friends, we understand how important any help is now. We are very grateful to Larin Trade consulting SRL from Romania for the quick collection of humanitarian aid, which includes things that are required right now for Ukraine. Volunteers of the “Free Nation” raised funds for the prompt delivery of this important cargo to the warehouse in Vynohradiv.

A 20-ton truck with humanitarian aid has already arrived at the warehouse in Vynohradiv.

A team of 10 volunteers did their best to organize, bring, unload, sort and record everything that the volunteers donated. These are food, hygiene products, household chemicals, children’s goods, military goods, even a generator, wheelchairs, and a rehabilitation device.

At the request of territorial defense units and residents, this humanitarian aid is already going to Kyiv, Truskavets, Lubny, Radomyshl (Zhytomyr region).

Thank you all for your quick response and support!