Four months passed when:
• the life and worldview of each of us changed in just one morning;
• there was a need to do everything that depends on you to help Ukraine;
• it was decided that we are ready to do it;
• many people united in order to achieve victory sooner;
• we have become stronger to do good and give what is necessary to those who need it.
Within four months, the «Free Nation» PA has established cooperation with the «VOSTOK-SOS» NGO, the «Animals in the Law» NGO, the «Happy Paw» NGO, the «Edyna Planet» NGO, Caritas Lithuania, the «Caritas» NGO of Ukraine» and with many other foundations.
Thanks to our efforts, mattresses, blankets, food, hygiene kits, clothes, children’s and electrical goods were delivered to those in dire need. They were able to pay special attention to the smaller brothers: veterinary drugs and animal feed — they travelled all over the territory of Ukraine.
Since March, PA «Free Nation» was able to organize the delivery of 333 tons of humanitarian cargo. Drivers carrying humanitarian goods were able to reach Bakhmut, Kyiv, Gostomel, Severodonetsk, Sumy and many other cities where our help was needed.
We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped and is helping Ukraine, to those who are on the front lines or who are making efforts so that everyone can meet immediate needs; to those who understand that every, even small, step brings us closer to victory and helps make our people strong and strong.
A low bow to you.
Together — We are STRONGER!

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